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About us

Microcer - Logistika, Direkcija, Maloprodaja


MICROCER Ltd. is a company that has been operating since 1998 in the field of import / export, wholesale and retail of consumer goods for the needs of households and agricultural farms.

We specialize in supplying products intended for craftsmen, farmers and householders for small family stores (agricultural pharmacies, hardware stores, paints and varnishes, do-it-yourself ...), contractors, department stores and wholesale chains. Their end customers are households, agricultural producers, agricultural and construction companies and craftsmen.


"Microcer" has its headquarters in Kanjiža, where the Logistics Center is located, with its own fleet. Organizationally, "Microcer" has four sales channels:

  • Wholesale for companies and sole proprietors
  • Retail facilities, which also operate under the names "Invito" and "Domax"
  • B2B online store microcer.rs - for registered wholesale customers
  • B2C online store Mojšop.rs - for retail sale to citizens

We provide reliable e-commerce, at reasonable prices. The sales range of "Microcer" has thousands of items, which our employees know well and can recommend the right combination of products for your needs.

We have our own warehouse, and we procure goods directly from foreign and domestic manufacturers. For our B2B customers, we have provided free delivery of ordered goods, our own delivery vehicles.


Contact us today at office@microcer.rs and expand your offer with products from our range.


Company data:

Microcer d.o.o. Kanjiža
Karađorđeva 37, 24420 Kanjiža
PAK 444415, Serbia
PIB 100870543
MB 08618160